My Ten Year Promise.

I stumbled across a piece of writing I did a few years ago. I decided to blow the dust off and share it. It’s blunt and honest and just as relevant today as it was when I first wrote it. Without farther ado... “It gets better after high school.” When I was seventeen, I wanted … Continue reading My Ten Year Promise.

The Negativity Virus

Oh Hello, I had a weird thing happen the other day. I was wading through a collection of customers at one of those big box stores. You know, the kind of people who park their carts in the middle of aisles, stand in front of things you want to buy and, are entirely impervious when … Continue reading The Negativity Virus

A guide to being a responsible functioning adult.

Step One: Shirk all responsibilities. Step Two: Tell yourself that you're not going to blow off your responsibilities. You're just going to do them tomorrow. Step Three: Don't do them tomorrow. Step Four: Make excuses. Step Five: While reviewing your to-do list, curl up into the fetal position and cry. It’s recommended to have a … Continue reading A guide to being a responsible functioning adult.