A Love Letter

Dear Motivation,

I am heartbroken. It has been a lifetime since I’ve held you in my arms, feeling the gentle caress of the things we have accomplished together. I long to look deeply into your to-do list and sensually cross each item off— one by one. The soft silk of success between my fingers grows cold as time passes. You have no idea how much I miss you.

I think about you every day. Pining for you while mindlessly scrolling through TV channels. I know there’s nothing to watch, I know – but I won’t stop searching. Some would call it being a couch potato, I call it longing… from the couch.

Old self-help books that once brought me closer to you mean nothing now. The motivational phrases that ignited our passion have transformed into dull platitudes. If I could, I’d give you my world. Every hour of my forty hour work week. No distractions, no downtime, no need to unwind after a long day. Just you and me baby.

We change over time as we grow older but, I know the connection that you and I have is for a lifetime. You may have strayed for now but I know in my heart that you’ll come back to me. You’ll remember what we have. You know what you mean to me. The fire in my soul has never gone cold.


Dear Procrastination,

Get bent.

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