For My Thirtieth Birthday

This is a eulogy For My Twenties.

She was a great girl. She was dearly beloved by bartenders, cab drivers and coat check girls all throughout the clubs. She was a crazy ex-girlfriend and constant drinking companion. She was young and wild and full of squandered potential.

Join me today as we say goodbye to my twenties.

Through blood, sweat and cheap beers, she went from being a disaffected teenager to true party girl stardom. She made her mark in bar clothes that made her look cheaper than the vodka coolers she drank.

She was reckless and impulsive. She was a whole lot of fun.

She majored in the bar scene in college and carried those lessons with her until the bitter end. Lessons like how to finally get the bartender’s attention and, to never bring anything to the bar that you aren’t prepared to ruin.

She didn’t care what you thought about her. Or at least that’s what she told everyone.

She had a weird style, bad priorities and even worse romantic choices. She gave her precious time away to people who didn’t deserve it.

She was a great teacher. She taught me how to let go of the past and to pick my battles. She showed me how to forgive.

I think the greatest lesson she ever taught me was to live my life more authentically. Living life with your emotional walls up will never allow you to truly connect with anyone. It’s okay to be vulnerable.

But above all, she showed me that fear of the unknown is a good thing.

And though her twenty-year-old body is gone, the memories remain. We’ll always remember her mistakes, her laughs, her hurt and her healing.

As we gather today, let us not be sad my friends. For it is often said that when God closes a door he opens a window. Through that window may be slow metabolism and random grey hairs but, there is also strength and wisdom.

Rest in peace, my dear friend. Without you, I would not be who I am today.

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