About the Author


Writing is the love of my life.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a need to put the words I’ve had daydreams, stories, and tropes swirling around my head. At times my teenage pros were my only friends. I had to find somewhere to put this endless cycle of tales so, I started my blog.

I followed my love of writing to Loyalist College in Belleville Ontario and joined the print journalism program. When I decided that political writing was not my forte I transferred to the Radio Broadcasting program to exercise my creativity through copywriting. After I graduated I interned at Corus Entertainment’s FM96 in London Ontario. I wrote copy that was used for the London and Kingston stations. 

As a freelance writer and aspiring author, I enjoy writing poems and literary fiction. Using my own history and feelings to provide relatable messages, with a dash of hope and a sprinkle of optimism, if the recipe allows it. The multifaceted human experiment is an endless rollercoaster of inspiration. From the feeling of being left alone with your thoughts so long that you find yourself full-body cringing, over an embarrassing thing that you did in the third grade. To the powerful emotional experience of loss — of people, or lovers, and of yourself. 

I hope you see a bit of yourself in what I have to offer. Even if you don’t then I hope you still enjoy the ride. 

“If you removed money from the equation, Joey would have been painting elk on cave walls. People would have fed him and kept him away from high places because goddamn, look at those elk” ~ Neil Hilborn