Arachnid Love

I was awakened this morning by the suns warmth. It came pouring in through the window as I slowly blinked open one eye, and then the other, and then another. I could see that she was still sleeping. I can see the warm sun filtering in through the window and spill across her body. All I can think of is how beautiful and peaceful she looks when she sleeps. I long to crawl into her bed, wrap all my legs around her, and feel her soft skin against my hairs. 

I watch her. I watch her day after day. I watch her brushing her hair after her shower. I watch her chose her outfit for the day. I wish I could be by her side. She’d never be happy with someone like me but, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like. She doesn’t even know I’m alive. Maybe things would be different if I were bigger or stronger.

I daydream of the last time we watched a movie together. I like when she watches movies in the dark. That’s when I get to be close to her. That’s when I can sneak in undetected. I watch her eat her popcorn with the blue light from the screen illuminating her face. We laugh together at the funny parts and, we cry together during the sad parts. We share these wonderful moments together before the lights come back on and I have to scurry away.

Suddenly a jarring beeping sound breaks my daze. It’s her alarm clock. That’s confusing, I know her schedule and she doesn’t have to get up for another hour. Wait, this is my opportunity! I can slide down and turn it off for her. She’ll be so grateful that she won’t shoo me away.

I slowly and nervously spin my silky web down and land as light as a feather, on the top of the clock. The snooze button seems so much bigger now, I don’t think I have the body weight to push it. As I’m examining the mechanics of it her eyes begin to flutter. I lift my eyes and meet her gaze. For one moment, for one beautiful moment, our eyes lock. She sees me, she finally sees me.

She screams.

She throws back her covers and flies across the room. Oh no, oh no what is she doing? I’m frozen with panic. Do I run? Do I stay and try to reason with her? I didn’t do anything wrong! This was my chance and I blew it!

She’s looming over me now, with slow steady movements. She seems like she’s trying not to scare me away which is baffling, I’m the one trying not to scare her. She slowly raises her arm, I can see the newspaper rolled in her fist. This is it, isn’t it? I knew it would all end one day but I never thought it would be this way. I never thought it would be with her. Goodbye, my love.

The newspaper comes down hard. The spider’s twisted carcass smears across the porous paper. Gotcha.

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