Here’s to the mother hen.

Tonight I raise my glass to the only one of us with class

To the responsible one. The soberest one. The one who brings all the elegance to all this sass. Every group of ladies has one! Here’s to the Mother Hen.

The purse finder, the phone finder, the cab getter, the phone finder… again.

She the eternal cock block, in the right way. She makes sure we don’t wake up next to someone we’ll regret.

Without this bright IMG_20160308_185844-2angel in our lives, we would inevitably wake up in a gutter somewhere after a night out.

Pregnant, or in jail, or both.

Some might call her a prude, or a killjoy.

I call her my hero.

So for all the times she’s held our hair, put us to bed and made sure we had a glass of water for the hangover. 

I say thank you.

If I didn’t have you in my life, I probably wouldn’t party so hard.

Well, actually, I probably would… But it wouldn’t be as fun.


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