Divine Secrets of a Furry Sisterhood.

In conversations with my lady friends over the years, I’ve discovered two things that no one ever talks about, that we really should.

Every time these subjects come up, it’s like a breakthrough in therapy.

The clouds part and someone shouts “I thought I was the only one!” Tears ensue, and we all feel so much closer to each other.

So I’m about to lift the veil on an age-old secret kept by women since the dawn of time.


  1. Everyone has that random stray hair.
This is Flora and Fauna

You know the one I’m talking about. It’s on your chin, or your chest, or that little spot just below your belly button.

Or someplace random, like the middle of your shoulder. It’s long and stringy and black and appears out of nowhere.

You’ve grown so accustomed to it that you’ve named it. “Oh hello Alfred, I didn’t see you there.”

You pluck it, and it’s gone; but not two days later it shows up again, about a foot long and out for revenge! You never know it’s there until it’s there. And then it’s always RIGHT THERE!


  1. Everyone shaved something they shouldn’t have.

And now they have to shave it Screenshot_20160417-105426-2forever.

When we were all first learning about body hair removal, we all made the mistake of shaving our arms, or something else less common, at least once. Well, some of us are still dealing with the consequences.

The hair grew back thicker and darker so what did ya do? Ya shaved it again.

Only for it to eventually develop into the full-on forest by the time you hit your twenties.

Your mysterious little forest.

It’s okay girl, we all have a secret forest.


So there, I said it. The cats are out of the bag, and now you know. And as G.I Joe would say, knowing is half the battle.

And if that wasn’t enlightening enough, here’s your final truth bomb.


We all have nipple hair. Deal with it.

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