Stray Dog

Sit. Stay. Be loyal. Be faithful.

Wait for me.

I’m coming over later. (Sit)

No, I can’t make it tonight. (Stay)

I love you so much. (Be loyal)

Forever and always. (Be faithful)

I’m going out tonight, but tomorrow? (Wait for me)


I am tied up to a post that stands outside of your life.

When we play fetch, you throw your love and devotion and I chase after it.

I am doe-eyed and naive, as I follow you everywhere.


(Sit) I’ll meet you at your place.

(Stay) I’ll see you tomorrow instead, ok?

(Be loyal) You and me against the world baby girl.

(Be faithful) I think about you all the time.

(Wait for me) It’s really just the boys tonight, you can come next time.


I am well trained by you, and obedient.

Not only am I house broken but, I have become completely broken.

I haven’t got the will left to fight for your attention.

But I do have the sense not to be your pet.


I would rather be a Mangy Mutt than Man’s Best Friend.



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