Generation Why?

Far, far away

               in a long lost distant galaxy

                                 of another time and dimension…

                                                     Lies my intention of ever getting a “Real Job.”


Why? Because I am a part of one of the most hated generations of all time.

The Millennials


The Y2k survivors.

The meme sharing Facebookers.

The character counting Tweeters.

The like4like following Instagramers.

Generation Hashtag.

The Lazy Generation.

The Soft Generation.

The ones that expect everything to be handed to them, and are offended by everything else.

Well yes, I am offended.

I’m offended that obtaining a forty hour a week job, in your chosen field, with a livable wage is like chasing a leprechaun for their pot of gold.

I am offended that affordable housing can only be afforded by millionaire property moguls. Who rent it out to low-income families for the cost of a small used car, each month… Or a new iPhone.

And yes, I do expect things to be handed to me.

I expect equality and respect for all individuals to be handed to me and my society. I expect all people to be treated with fairness, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race or creed.

I expect more support for people with mental illness to be handed to me. When you’re all out of fight and finally reach out for help, you must wait six months to a year to have a doctor tell you that you’re fine.

Because I am a Millennial!

And my “real job” requires years of schooling and thousands of dollars of debt to be granted the privilege to apply for unpaid internships that ask for five years of experience.

But I know I will own a house one day…..

Only when my parents pass away and leave me theirs in their will. Which conveniently, I will still be living in because,


Until then I will go on working at my customer service job and earn my passable wage. I will continue to placate entitled consumers. I will endure being told by a generation that walked out of high school and into $20 an hour factory careers, with pensions and health care benefits, that millennials have it so easy these days.

Easy huh…

Kiss my avocado.

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