My First World Problem

050415_techpain_BODY1You’re at a party or a bar or any social setting. Everyone is engaged in great conversation and having a really good time.

And then it happens… someone silently points their phone at you to show you something they found on the Internet.

They sit there with laughter in their eyes waiting for you to read the text, tweet, meme or whatever it is that they deemed so important it was completely necessary to pull you away mid conversation.

Your riveting speech falls flat as you, the person you were talking to, and your friend with the phone are all held prisoner by the tiny floating screen.

Your friend with the phone is so excited about this bit of Internet foolery they have come across that they’ve completely neglected the fact that they found it on a social media network that they undoubtedly have you friended on. And could have just as easily shared/tagged you so that you can review it at a more convenient time.

But no… They’ve become so overwhelmed with excitement that they must stop everything for you enjoy the gold they’ve stumbled upon.

So you see it.

And it’s not really that funny.

But now what? They’re looking at you with excitement and anticipation of the pants wetting laughter they know will surely ensue. They expect you to laugh, share, and praise them as the Conquering Hero of this social situation. Confetti would rain down and they would be crowned ruler of the Internet and bowed down to as the great finder of all that is funny.

“Heh, I’ve seen that one before.”

A swift response in the hopes of engaging in your previous conversation.

But the moment is gone.

And just like that the age of miscommunication claims another victim at the hands of cellphones. Empowering the socially awkward to create awkward moments with the simple swipe of a screen.

Conversations and relationships fall victim to this simple act everyday. But this tragedy could have been avoided.

So remember don’t be an Ian Internet Interrupter. Be a Sally Sharer instead and silently share what you’ve found to let your friends see it at another time and most importantly, finish their conversations.

This has been a public service announcement.

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