Who is Tom and why am I his boy?


Who is Tom? Have I met him?

From a very young age, people started telling me I was a Tom Boy. This always confused me because I thought I was a girl.

As well, I’m not sure Tom and I have ever been properly introduced.

Was Tom that kid that used to hang out with me at recess cause none of the other girls wanted to dig up bugs? Or was Tom that guy in high school that I had a crush on, but he started dating that girl who stuffed her bra?

Tom seems like a cool guy from what I’ve heard. According to some people, he’s really into girls who march to the beat of their own drum. The kind of girls who don’t back down from a challenge just because someone told them it’s not what the other girls do.

But I thought those were called entrepreneur girls or CEO girls.IMG_20160315_152650-3

But it also kind of seems like Tom is a picky guy. It sounds like he really only likes girls who are one of the boys. Tom wants all of his girls to drink beer and love sports.

And it seems like he has a big thing for lesbians, which is kinda strange for a heterosexual male.

I have a lot of questions for Tom. Mostly about why he would think that women who can be so diverse would end up being so similar.

Putting all of his girls in a category like that is really uncool.

I think it’s unfair of Tom to assume that a woman who leaves the beaten path would carve a new one that would run in a stereotypical parallel next to the first.

I’d really like to give that guy a piece of my mind. Does anyone know where I can find him? I hear he hangs out at Roller Derby games.

It’s probably better off that Tom stays in hiding. All women, even the most feminine ones, are incredibility powerful. There’s no way Tom could handle all of us anyways.

6 thoughts on “Who is Tom and why am I his boy?

    1. And that is exactly what I’m saying here. It seems like because something is different it needs to be put in a box for people to understand it. But why? Why do people need to be defined by silly labels.


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